Discover our comprehensive program that improves children’s lives through sports.

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Our Program

A comprehensive program tailored to each age group to improve children’s lives through sports.

At Free Gym, our program is designed to empower children through the positive values of sports. We understand the importance of physical activity in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and our program is tailored to meet the needs of each age group, from 6 years old to 16-17 years old.

Our program is divided into different work proposals according to the age of each group, totally individualized to their age and needs from a cognitive and conditional point of view. Everything from the focus of the GAME, that is to say, all the points to be developed, are given through playful ways that guarantee our children’s learning in a fun and motivating way.

From developing perceptual skills and basic movements to introducing specific skills and tasks, our program is designed to improve children’s overall health and give them a real opportunity to improve their physical, psychological, and social lives.

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